These Are Your Favourite Tracks to Drive

How one can drive the Nurburgring in a Charger Hellcat!

I’ve to go together with what I do know, and because of the US Military packing my ass off to Germany, I’ve been to the Nurburgring. There I watched the German Grand Prix.

Course the cool (idiotically harmful?) factor in regards to the Nurburgring is how they’ve these days the place you present up with any clap-trap automobile, pay the charge, and you can also “whip” your clunker across the monitor. Wonderful that it’s allowed.

Course it’d be a blast to man-handle the Charger across the Nurburgring. Due to the 440, I might go like hell on the straightaways, however when the Dodge received to the curves, that may get actual fascinating in an ass-puckering method…

The ‘Ring will be achieved on a more recent Charger, with all its added horsepower and weight. Why not an older one? Positive, it might not “deal with” or “flip,” however who wants these on a famously twisty monitor?

Submitted by: the 1969 Dodge Charger Man

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