A Civics Lesson for Catholics–Bob Marshall

Sep 26, 2018

Many Catholics have turn out to be cynical about the potential of
altering the political panorama, however maybe we’ve given up earlier than
we’ve actually tried. It’s not nearly electing the suitable
congressmen and nominating the suitable justices, it’s about conserving
them accountable.

On this episode, former Virginia delegate Bob Marshall shares
sensible insights drawn from his encyclopedic information of the
American political custom and from his personal achievements in
politics: for instance, he was behind the Hyde Modification which
stopped abortion funding through Medicaid. He reminds us that “To
render to Caesar, it’s important to know the construction of Caesar’s

Do you know that Congress has the Constitutional authority to
resolve what sorts of instances the Supreme Court docket could hear? What about
the potential of amending appropriations payments to render SCOTUS
selections like Obergefell unenforceable? Have you ever given actual
consideration to the truth that native politics is the inspiration for
every part else? If not, you’ll need to take heed to this episode.


Robert G. Marshall, Reclaiming the Republic: How Christians and
Different Conservatives Can Win Again America https://amzn.to/2xSQxlg

Jeff Mirus’s evaluate of Reclaiming the Republic https://www.catholicculture.org/commentary/otc.cfm?id=1565

Bob Marshall’s latest articles for The Federalist

Msgr. John Sanders, the priest who performed with Duke Ellington



2:41 Bob Marshall’s political profession and up to date defeat

6:01 Why Bob wrote Reclaiming the Republic; pure legislation
within the American founding

9:25 Catholics ought not withdraw from politics: Biblical

13:25 Judicial department shouldn’t be the ultimate authority on what’s
Constitutional; Congress’s authority to resolve what instances the
Supreme Court docket can hear

23:32 The significance of teaching your representatives

26:47 Bob’s position in passing the Hyde Modification; significance of
the ability of the purse

34:13 Appropriations payments can be utilized to maintain unhealthy Supreme Court docket
selections from being enforced

36:22 Our representatives keep away from voting on the report so we will’t
maintain them accountable

39:24 Tips on how to get your consultant to go on the report

41:03 The oath of workplace—you possibly can’t fulfill it for those who don’t learn
the payments you vote on!

44:15 Anti-commandeering legal guidelines, by which states can refuse to
implement federal legal guidelines

48:47 Why you must vote in main elections

50:41 “All politics is native”: points that have an effect on folks’s day by day

53:18 The significance of the precinct; door-to-door campaigning

57:45 The position of companies in selling immoral insurance policies

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